Giving back, Paying Forward

  • By Thais Luy
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Giving back, Paying Forward

There are many things to be grateful for, and being alive is the more important!

Having the chance to wake up in the morning and breathe, take a look around, stand up and walk is a true blessing and we should not take it for granted. It is so true that life can change in one second, so let's change it for good! Let's think about what we can do to give back, to actively thank the gift of life.

Even if we don't have a perfect health, monetary independence or a companion in our life, we can make changes in our way to think, talk and interact with people that will for sure reflect in a positive way on our day to day experience.

Smile often, say please and thank you, don't hold back on saying I Love You, share several good mornings, acknowledge the people interacting with you, be grateful...

Paying forward is as easy as holding a door open for other, letting someone with just one item going before you on the supermarket line when you have a cart full of groceries or prepaying for a coffee on your favorite coffee shop so someone else can enjoy a hot cup.
Planting vegetables, giving flowers, writing an appreciation note, sharing your umbrella on a rainy day... Very simple actions that can lead to a bunch of open doors.

Infuse your thoughts with positivism and your actions will reflect your greatness... Your world will change and your achievements will amaze you.

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