Lucky or aware?

  • By Thais Luy

Lucky or aware?

How many times have you met someone you consider extremely lucky, that kind of person who always find a way to shine and achieve? You have the potential to be that way, to materialize each one of your dreams and reach your goals and it is only a matter of being assertive with what you think.

If  every time someone asks you "how is your day?" Your answer is "it can be better" your day will never be as gratifying as you hope. If you offer new food to someone stating: "I am sure you won't like it" chances are they will not find that bite appealing.

Being mindful of our thoughts is the key to succeed, to have many wonderful days in a row and feel fulfilled. Only us, in our mind, in our internal conversation, can determine what would be: if you decide to be happy, you will se good and nice everywhere.

Infuse your mind with positivity, good vibes and determination. You can do it, it is in your hands, you can choose to smile and be grateful, to be love and feel loved. Trough awareness of the nature of your inner voices, the repetition of affirmations and the inclusion of key words in your daily routine you will surely be on your way to greatness and "good luck".

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