Be thankful for good friends

  • By Thais Luy
  • In Gratitute

Be thankful for good friends

We meet new people every day and yet, there are some individuals that fit in our lives as if they had always been there. True friendship is found in challenging and happy moments and is measure by how much it makes you grow, how comfortable you feel with yourself when your true friends are around and how happy you are when you are sharing.

A friendship that builds you up is a treasure and it always stands intact, through time and distance.
Be selective with your friends, because the words they repeat when they are around you, create and define the kind of energy that surrounds you when you are spending time together and that energy can cling to you even when you are apart.

Friends are there to help you get by in difficult moments but there have to be a balance; complaining,
Gossips and negative comments are an inappropriate food for your mind. Supportive messages, encouragement and positivity are fertile ground for growing, so as a friend you can show your gratitude by feeding good thoughts to all those around you.

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