Your home is were you are

  • By Thais Luy
  • In Empowerment

Your home is were you are

Look always inside of you for that happy place were only you are enough to feel complete. Be empowered for the opportunities surrounding you, for the people you meet. Learn from other cultures because tolerance is a virtue you can reinforce every day and it leads you to understand your place as one with the universe.

Be thankful for the roof over your head, but be diligent creating a home, a safe place, a paradise of love and great memories, so no matter were you are, you can feel happy.

The address of your residence may change many times or maybe never, and through changes or stability you will always have what you treasure in your heart, more than a house, you will have a home, a principle that will help you be a better version of yourself every day.

Your roots will always be in the same place, they define part of you, so choose wisely what you decide to remember, thus every memory will be a brick on the foundation of your inner home; make it comfortable, beautiful and clean with good energy and thoughts.

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