Deciding to Live a Joyful Life

Deciding to Live a Joyful Life

Sometimes we may feel like we have everything we need and yet we think something is missing, we cannot get ourselves to be genuinely grateful. We can be happy, smile and enjoy what is happening around us, but somehow feel something is missing.

The truth is, feeling happy is temporal because it depends on external variables, when something changes, our happiness changes with it.

Feeling content is another thing because it can be more permanent if your mind is disciplined enough... but Joy: Living with a fulfilled heart with a constant adequate state of mind in an energized and healthy body, that is the complete package!

Look inside of you, find what it is that makes you feel joyful, don't settle for happiness or content, dig deeper and you will understand the power within yourself to create the reality you live in.

Gather all the tools you can and infuse your thoughts with harmony, peace, positivity, and faith... and you will see all the doors open before you. It is only a matter of focusing on what is really important, on what serves you well on all levels and dimensions; once you identify the right food for your mind and spirit, nourish yourself continuously with the best fuel available and never stop taking care of yourself.

Our products and others like the ones available at Notes to Self and Words Count are designed to aid in your search and to support your efforts on keeping yourself on the bright side of the universe. Take advantage of those tools and prepare to feel permanent, un-revocable,  unmistakable JOY!

The inspiration of this blog was "The Book of Joy" a recount of the latest meeting of his holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Check out this video as a preview for the book.

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