Growing Past our Paradigms

Growing Past our Paradigms

Growing Past Our Paradigms

When you stand in the face of greatness you cannot do more than admire, learn and be grateful. That is what I like to do when I meet someone and when I look in the mirror, because recognizing the greatness in me and my peers I can enjoy life with less prejudice and more love. The thing is, it is not always easy to think the best, not to judge, to stop letting the image of someone we just met define our relation with them. That is why, every day we need to remember ourselves of our value, our essence, and the fact that we are all one and the same.

Using messages and images to constantly get back in the good vibes is a useful tool. Being in constant contact with affirmations and positive phrases will reshape the way we think and perceive the world and everything that surround us, including that image we get of us in the mirror.

Infuse your thoughts with words and messages that will allow and nourish your internal growth and you will be capable of looking further than your paradigms. 

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