How to Do Creative Visualization in 10 steps

  • By Thais Luy

How to Do Creative Visualization in 10 steps

Creative visualization is a term used to describe an activity in which a person uses their imagination in an organized and deliberate way, with the objective of creating what they want in life. Creative visualization is often used by successful businessmen, athletes, celebrities, and motivational speakers. (1) Of course, every individual that has specific goals in their lives can use this technique. Even though creative visualization is not a complex activity, it is the best idea to take a few things into account before you start doing it. The following is a list of ten steps to start doing creative visualization.

  1. If you want to feel all the benefits of creative visualization, you must be sure which goals you want to achieve and why. The best idea is to be more specific with your goals. For example, getting more money is a very broad goal, but earning enough money to buy a house in five years is more specific.
  2. Once you know what you want, it is time to become passionate about your wishes. Creative visualization works only for things that you are passionate and excited about.
  3. Imaging goals and things you want in your life are not difficult because people can create a mental image of anything. However, by using additional imagery you will make the creative visualization more efficient. Change your desktop wallpaper with your dream house, become friends with someone who works in a job position that you would like in the future etc. It is also a good idea to use products like the ones found on This site because they can help with the process by having a reminder to keep a positive attitude. Good vibes mugs, recycled wine bottles glassware with motivational messages and positive statements T-shirts are some of the things you can find there.                                              
  4. Don’t keep your goals secret. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should talk about these goals with everyone you know, but your family and close friends should know. They will support your creative visualization.
  5. It is true that positive imagery and thinking can be performed at any place at any time of the day, but it is the best idea to spend a few minutes a day in complete silence visualizing your goals and wishes. Take some me-time.
  6. In order to reap the benefits of creative visualization, you must perform this activity on a daily basis. Make it a routine.
  7. Forget about negative things and negative thinking. If you notice that you have negative thoughts try to turn them into something positive. (2) 
  8. It is not a bad idea to make these positive thoughts into something that you will say aloud. So, after the visualization process, don’t be afraid to say what you want in front of the mirror.
  9. If you want to take creative visualization on another level, you should visualize not just the things you want, but yourself in the picture too. Instead of visualizing just your office when you get promoted, imagine what you are doing in the office.
  10. In the end, have faith. Believe that you will realize the goals and incorporate this belief in your creative visualization.

Creative visualization is a complex process that can provide all the things you want in your life. So, when you stop for a moment and start visualizing things, look for comfort and inner peace. It is easy to make this process enjoyable and after a while, you will feel the need to visualize things. Don’t hesitate to get the things you want.

Now that you know the basics of creative visualization, it is time to practice this incredible process.

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