How-to Rewire your Internal Dialogue For A Positive Mindset

How-to Rewire your Internal Dialogue For A Positive Mindset

How-to Rewire your Internal Dialogue For A Positive Mindset

MindsetSit in a quiet place, close your eyes, breathe in, relax, breathe out... look deep inside, find your happy place... can you tell what brings you joy? Search, pay attention, and if you find that your spiritual life, your road to living a joyful life, is lacking something, you can find ways to bring that into your routine.

Using words is a wonderful tool, they are short, they are powerful, they are intentional, they have meaning and they are great reminders of what you want to attain. Your inner discourse is incredibly powerful and can help discover new knowledge, make better decisions or help you push that little extra required to make big gains in life. And the best way to hack this inner monologue to achieve the results you need is with words. You see, our main mode of interacting, understanding and giving meaning to the world is with language, that’s why words are so powerful to effect and affect our perception of the world.

Living with the intent to live a fulfilled life requires focus, and sometimes, simple words can help us go back to our course; that is why it is so important to infuse your life with positivity because you are what you think the most. Some suggestions for using words and their power to your advantage are:

  • Do you want to be abundant? why not read that word that elicits the feeling of prosperity, and have it in your mind often?
  • When you drink coffee in the morning, why not reminding yourself of your greater Self with a message in your mug?
  • When you are working on a challenging task, be it a difficult yoga pose or studying for a daunting test, wouldn't it be awesome if you can read a message on an intent bracelet to keep you going and be assured of your capabilities.
  • Yoga PoseWhen you are exercising, wouldn’t it help if when you to look at the mirror, you are reminded of your strength and your power to persevere by your graphic t-shirt?

Being exposed continuously to messages like smile, love, resilience, gratefulness... will make you incorporate them into your actions, think about it as a marketing campaign for (your) positive living.

That is the way our mind works, we need a little push when we are challenged, we need to program our thoughts for greatness, modify our inner dialogue so it reflects the reality we are working so hard to live in.

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