Positivity In Our Lives

  • By Thais Luy

Positivity In Our Lives

How to find positivity in our lives

There is always a silver lining... Can you see it? When you look at your life, at your daily routine, can you see what is great and good, can you recognize that even the situations that cause you unrest can become blessings in disguise? If not, I will share a secret with you: having the discipline of finding positivity in everything is a habit that has to be cultivated, like your favorite exercise routine.

The most beautiful things happen in your life, for you to enjoy, when you are open to see them, when you prepare yourself through meditation.

Stretching, bending, folding, holding, breathing... Walking the path of yoga.

I have heard the same words from very different people in yoga studios: yoga saved my life! And I have to say I agree with them.

I found yoga interesting, even mesmerizing, from the first time I saw my GodMother doing sun salutations at the beach more than three decades ago. I always thought it required a lot of discipline to develop a serious practice and because of that I refrain from starting my own path until I was on my early twenties.

Shortly after I began doing asanas I got interested in learning about pranayama and found something that made me understand more the biological process of my humanity. Using breathing techniques to manage anxiety, pain and to regain focus as a compliment to the asanas can lead to many different and exciting discoveries, that will end in joy and peace and that will place all situations in the right perspective.


Getting stuck in the negatives (and how to get unstuck)

This is an excellent talk on how to get yourself out of a negative state of mind.


Chose your word to keep a reminder of the right attitude in life, keep a positive mindset and find the silver lining.


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