The Power of Words

The Power of Words

The Power of Words

When humans started to organize and function as a society, words were the way of establishing the rules. Compositions of sounds developed to define objects, situations, dreams and feelings.

Words have the power of meaning, they are the tool of preference when it comes to communicate ideas. That is why words are considered to be sharper than knives, to have the power of creating or destroying character, to have the potential of holding someone accountable.

Words are decrees that we let free into the universe so they find a way to realize what they describe, that is why we should be very attentive to our thoughts and shape them, so the words they end up becoming are the ones we need to use as tools to achieve what we want and deserve.

The great Kristin Rivas from reminds us how ideas can be very resilient, contagious, and how they start with the words you "talk" to yourself:

Infusing our thoughts with positivity and good energy, through repetition, is one of the strategies we can set in motion to guarantee we are on the path of success, and having affirmations all around helps us achieve the goal of being in touch with our higher self during the day.

What are you waiting for? Let your words help you build the best possible version of yourself.

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