We are proud shitholers (excuse our french, but we need to take a stand)

We are proud shitholers (excuse our french, but we need to take a stand)

Our great-grandparents were immigrants, they made good a living in a country that was completely foreign to them, they raised a family, they planted roots, they became who we are, and with time, from that old country, that motherland, only tales were left…

We are hardworking immigrants, we left the comfort of the known, our families, our friends and our country in order to be productive to a different nation. We have learned different languages, we have adopted different traditions, we learned to adapt to the weather… and here we are, generating wealth, helping to move the economy, contributing to the culture and looking at our kid grow in a country that is the only reference they have.

We came from Latin America, we came from a third world country and our kids speak English as fluently as Spanish or maybe better… they talk about the US with pride and we do too because now, it is our home.

We stand proudly by our roots because we have accents and that makes us different, we like vibrant colors and that gives variety to the local scene, we are loud and that has created opportunities for us to get to know fabulous people! We know who we are and we have the conviction that life is richer when is more diverse. We own our differences to stand up tall against bullying because when you love what makes you what you are and you love it, no one can harm you with words.

He who bullies and immigrant is only showing his fear, his lack of empathy and knowledge. So join the cause and be proud of stating #Iamthem because at one point we all came from a different place… so let’s get to a place of acceptance and respect together!

A portion of the proceedings of this collection will be donated to IDP, the Immigrant Defense Project (

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