Optimistic Affirmation Poster

By Infused Thoughts

$ 14.00
Here is how we can help you change your subconscious beliefs to live a life of peace and purpose.

Even if you don't really understand how seeing this powerful optimistic statement can help you get to a better state of mind, studies have shown how by just flashing words in front of us we can alter the neurochemistry in our brain, and because you’re part of the human tribe, years of evolution have wired you to respond far quicker to negativity and stressful situations much faster than to positivity, so you have to outweigh your negative thinking by as much as three times. The good news is that we provide you the tools to keep positive words and affirmations present in your environment at all times.

Practice mindfulness around this message all day, infuse your thoughts with positivity to create life changing results.
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