InfusedThoughts - Your one stop store for everything positive

We are a family business, born from the intense need of being the change we need to experience in this wonderful world so more people can profit from the true potential of the mind. We are committed to the principle of universal connection because we recognize the divinity in ourselves and others, same source, same light.


Our lifestyle store sells positivity infused, purposely designed, every day, yoga and meditation products to promote wellbeing by surrounding you with inspirational thoughts to help you improve your mindfulness meditation practice and intentional living. We resonate with the idea of helping others achieve their best-healthy self so we can all evolve and create a greater future.


Infused Thoughts is the brainchild of "Nena" and Jeff, wife and husband, raising two beautiful girls in NC. We've been practicing Yoga and meditation for the last 12 years, and have seen the power of raining your mind to positively impact our surrounding in miraculous ways. 


Nena is a journalist specialized in digital marketing, a frequent collaborator of family-oriented publications, who decided to invest her intellectual capital on learning how to help others better themselves through healthy eating habits. She is also into gathering knowledge about energy especially after recuperating from Breast Cancer treatment using all the energetic management and nutritional tools she has gained over the years and being able to help others walk that tumultuous path with good energy and positivism.


Jeff is a vegan engineer, committed to raising his kids so they have the inner strength to explore their full potential and lead satisfying lives. He has learned to manage his energy to balance a demanding professional career with co-parenting two active pre-teens, practicing meditation and mindfulness daily and keeping up with the demands of a happy marriage and business relationship!


Our logo has been conceptualized around the idea of the purification and transmission of messages on a deep level, using the graphic representation of the chakra of the throat, the 5th element, the ether. Conveying our desire to express and disseminate good vibes everywhere.
The messages we use in our products are specially designed to transmit positive statements complemented with graphic elements in balance with our Logo.
Each one of our collections serves an expression of human energy: health, prosperity and success, love and self-awareness. With the conviction of infusing our clients with the concepts, they need to maximize their potential through the repetition of positive and inspiring messages.


Our drinkware was conceived as a tool to materialize positivity as per the experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese proponent of altering matter composition trough consciousness and intent. His experiments were focused on recording and comparing water molecular composition when exposing it to different words and messages. His conclusions were one of the driving forces behind our brand... when you infuse water with good energy and positivity it becomes pure and beneficial for the body. So what would you think will happen when you infused your everyday life with intentional reminders of what you would like to see happening in your life.

On a side of our commercial activities (product selling and distribution) and as a core value for our brand, Infused Thoughts, we give back to the global spiritual community by publishing practical how-to guides and inspirational articles on our blog. We hope these resources will help you on your path towards a better and more complete self, in complete harmony with the world around us and with better Karma!


Join us on this adventure, get the tools to attract all your needs and live the life you have imagined...