Custom Creative Visualization Mug

By Infused Thoughts

$ 24.99
Visualize, Have Faith, Be Thankful and Act Now! have these simple instructions for success always available.

This mug was conceived as a tool to materialize positivity as per the experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese proponent of altering matter composition trough consciousness and intent. His experiments were focused on recording and comparing water molecular composition when exposing it to different words and messages. His conclusions were one of the driving forces behind our brand... when you infuse water with good energy and positivity it becomes pure and beneficial for the body. So what would you think will happen when you infused your everyday life with intentional reminders of what you would like to see happening in your life.

FOCUS your thoughts and energy on your goals. See the things you want in all its splendid details, feel complete gratitude for what you want, as if it is already here, and move physically towards the fulfillment of your desires by acting on them in the present moment.

Drink your favorite morning beverages on our mugs to infuse you with positivity and good vibes and tackle the challenges of the days with a clearer and positive mindset.

Dishwasher safe
Microwave safe
Available in 11 oz and 15 oz sizes
White, glossy
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