The Complete Affirmations Package (Set of 4 Glasses)

By Infused Thoughts

$ 41.99


Take one glass with each of our messages of health, optimism, true nature and visualization.

These glasses were conceived as a tool to materialize positivity as per the experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese proponent of altering matter composition trough consciousness and intent. His experiments were focused on recording and comparing water molecular composition when exposing it to different words and messages. His conclusions were one of the driving forces behind our brand... when you infuse water with good energy and positivity it becomes pure and beneficial for the body. So what would you think will happen when you infused your everyday life with intentional reminders of what you would like to see happening in your life.

  • Made from Recycled Wine Bottles
  • 16oz glasses are 5.5″ Tall
  • 12oz are 4” Tall
  • Great for water, iced tea, wine or cocktails.
  • Mixed colors most popular & best value – amber and green
  • Dishwasher safe

Each have their own unique story. Not only do our glasses help to keep wine bottles out of landfills but they create a unique drinking experience. Our specialized process in making our drinking glasses creates a smooth rounded lip on each glass. People continue to be amazed at the individual characteristics of each glass.

The artful and inspiring message gives a extra dimension to these beautiful glasses


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